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Our Consultant 

Dennis Matthews 

I am a Disable  veteren with extensive business and technological experience.


Below is a summary of companies that I have relationships with which I believe will be of great value to our countries returning veterans.  I was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and lived in an orphanage for the majority of my childhood until my Grandmother, Mattie Lee Allen, took me in and raised me in Huntsville, Alabama.


 I have overcame many hardships in my life, but have been consistently able to achieve my goals and overcome any obstacles.  I graduated with Honors in Electronic Engineering, and served five years in the Marine Corps.  This experience provided me with the opportunity to utilize technology to create ways to set up computer networking and video conferencing connecting people in distant locations using state of the art technology.

My technological experience is extensive, and I have applied this knowledge in my business relationships with the Pentagon, U.S. Army, EPA, Federal Aviation Administration, Langley U.S. Air Force Base and the Elmendorf Anchorage Alaska AFB.  I have also been a subcontractor for IBM, Citicorp, Unisys, and many other top Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.


 I am a board member of the NGO African Diaspora Foundation, United Nations Association, US-Africa Chamber of Commerce and the United States International Mission.  I founded my first company LCE as a DBA in 1986 while working at the Dow Jones/ Wall Street Company as an Earth Station technician for satellite communications.  

LCE Newport Beach IT, Inc. was started in February 2011. The company specializes in technology and construction.


 It is a Small Disabled Veteran Owned Business (PL 108-193(SDVOBS)Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)/VA Acquisition Regulation (VAAR) Section Impacted:  FAR 6.3, Other Than Full and Open Competition; VAAR - 806.304, Approval of Justification; 819.7005, Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) Set-aside Procedures; 819.7006, Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) Set-aside Procedures; 819.7007, Sole Source Awards to SDVOSB Concerns; and 819.7008, Sole Source Awards to VOSB Concerns.


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